Java Development Companies Can Now Avail Microservices Tools

Typsesafe, which is now known as Lightbend, is offering microservices-based architectures that can be used by any java development company and its developers with the help of Lagom platform. Coming to developers in early March, Lagom helps in lightening the load of developing these microservices in Java. It is a microservices framework, Opensource and built on scala language. It can be used as a development environment for managing microservices. Developers can initially avail APIs for Java services.


 The new framework unveiled by Lightbend for java professionals will help development teams to build new microservices-based applications. Lagom, Opensource framework includes the Play Web framework, the ConductR deployment orchestrator, and the Akka message-driven runtime. The purpose behind intending this framework was to reduce the risk and speed up the transition to a microservices architecture for traditional java development companies.

It was said by experts that enterprise java developers truly need assistance for building microservices based apps for businesses. Enterprise java developers often build and deploy several services or apps for their customers. However, developing hundreds or even thousands of individual, decoupled services are new to them and the tools supporting such development haven’t been there for them.

Using Lagom, developers will be able to filter the core traits of a microservice and ensure they support across the development environment.Lagom is intended by officials to abstract the intricacies of legacy monolithic applications and mold them to distributed microservices architectures.  

The framework is completely asynchronous, back pressure enabled, non-blocking, and requires no extra infrastructure or technologies. However, developers need to wait to try their hands on the new Lagom framework, but officials will release this update on March 9. A lot more discussions have been made in the market about the right size for the microservice. Lightbend is the new name of the Opensource Scala project.

Will this open source framework change the way of building apps for java development company ? What do you think? Well, we need to wait for tomorrow releases and explore its features.